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California Business Ranking – 2016

By Coast Employment Law |

Every year, CNBC releases a ranking of America’s top states for business.  The rankings are based on “60 measures of competitiveness, developed with input from a broad and diverse array of business and policy experts, official government sources, the CNBC Global CFO Council and the states themselves.” Typically, California is ranked one of the most difficult… Read More »


Leaves of Absence: FMLA vs. Disability

By Coast Employment Law |

There are a variety of California and federal laws that require employers to allow an employee to take a “leave of absence” from employment.  Leave of absence laws are generally focused on protecting the right of employees to pursue protected activities, including seeking treatment for protected ailments, and thereafter return to work.  These laws… Read More »


No More Gender Specific Toilets

By Coast Employment Law |

Everyone likely knows the frustrations of having to wait for a vacant single-user restroom at a restaurant.  Often, a restroom of the opposite gender is unoccupied but you must wait until a matching gender facility becomes available.  You wonder if anyone will care or notice if you enter into the opposing gender restroom. The days… Read More »


Minimum Wage To Increase January 1, 2017

By Coast Employment Law |

Regardless of whether you agree with California’s decision to gradually increase its minimum wage to $15.00 per hour by 2022, it is here!  On January 1, 2017, the first phase of Senate Bill 3, which has been codified as Labor Code § 1182.12 et seq., will take effect by raising the state’s minimum wage… Read More »


Pay Increases For Exempt Employees in 2017

By Coast Employment Law |

In order to be exempt from overtime pay, an employee must meet certain requirements.  These requirements are set forth in California’s Wage Orders and Labor Code sections.  Computer Software employees must meet the exemption criteria described in Labor Code § 515.5 et seq.  Licensed Physicians and Surgeons must meet the exemption criteria described in… Read More »

Employee Handbook Manual Rules Regulations Code of Worker Conduc

Employee Handbook Facts and Tips

By Coast Employment Law |

In general, an employee handbook sets forth a company’s policies and procedures as they pertain to the employer/employee relationship.  It should properly and adequately inform employees of the nature of their employment, company policies and procedures, notices, and employee benefits, rights, and expectations. Many employers have not reviewed their employee handbook and/or do not… Read More »


California’s New Attempt to Press the Boundaries of the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA).

By Coast Employment Law |

California has a long history of pressing the boundaries of the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA).  In doing so, California has resisted the federal government’s Supreme authority to establish the laws of the land. “The Federal Arbitration Act states that a ‘written provision’ in a contract providing for “settle[ment] by arbitration” of ‘a controversy …. Read More »


It’s Time to Take Your Rest Break.

By Coast Employment Law |

Employers typically understand that non-exempt and certain exempt employees are entitled to paid rest breaks.  Beyond this fact, rest breaks laws have been widely misunderstood by employers and employees alike. California’s Wage Orders govern the amount and timing of rest periods.  It is very important for employers to review the Wage Order pertinent to… Read More »


California’s Equal Pay Act Includes Race and Ethnicity.

By Coast Employment Law |

As it is currently drafted, the substantive portion of the Equal Pay Act states “[a]n employer shall not pay any of its employees at wage rates less than the rates paid to employees of the opposite sex for substantially similar work, when viewed as a composite of skill, effort, and responsibility, and performed under… Read More »

stamp notice of termination in red

Can I Be Fired From My Job For Any Reason?

By Coast Employment Law |

Many California employers believe that they can fire an “at-will” employee for any reason. This belief is far from the truth.  California employers need to be aware that there exists a plethora of exceptions to the general rule regarding “at-will” employment. What is “at-will” employment?  The term “at-will” employment generally means that an employer… Read More »

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