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Coast Employment Law
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I want to thank Jon for helping with my contractor problems!! He listened to me and was able to solve the problem immediately! For nearly a year I was trying to get a contractor to finish and fix my back patio! I would call and they said they would come out. They NEVER did. Finally I called Jon and said he would write a letter! I couldn’t believe that they called me within the week and came out to finish and repair the project. He saved me thousands of dollars!!! Thank you, Jon!!!

Thank you Coast Employment
Kim Donaldson

I really want to thank Jon, one of the attorneys at Coast Employment Law, for helping with a contract with my construction company. I was able to talk to Jon directly through out this pleasantly short process. I had no problem reaching him and he was very thorough and patient with me. For over six months I went back and forth with the contractor to get him to repair and paint a backyard “room”. They would say that they were coming out this week or tomorrow, etc. They never did come out. Finally, I discussed this with Attorney Jon. He sent a letter and, believe it or not, the contractor was calling ME and came back that week to fix the defects immediately!! Thank you again and again Jon! It saved me thousands of dollars!!

Great Law Firm
Kathleen Draper

My husband and I opened a business and needed some help with our offer letter. I called quite a few law firms and the secretaries were short with me, trying to rush me off the phone and didn’t want to help at all. I finally got through to John at Coast Employment Law and he spoke with me on the phone for a half an hour after hours and was really trying to help me. We met with him in person and he is super nice and my husband and I were very happy with the services he provided. I will definitely call John if I need anymore help in the future.

Highly recommend!!!
Kristin S.

I own a business in Costa Mesa. Whenever I have a question relating to my employees, I call Coast Employment Law. I strongly feel that I have been able to avoid legal disputes due to the advice of their attorneys, including Jon McGrath. Jon is very thorough. I feel I have a much better understanding of California’s employment laws after each discussion.

I definitely recommend Coast Employment Law.
Dietrich J.

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