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Employee Leave of Absence Issues

leave of absenceIf your business is facing a confusing, difficult issue related to a leave of absence, contact Coast Employment Law today. We represent employers throughout southern California.. Importantly, Coast Employment Law can help you avoid future disputes. We offer training for managers and supervisors regarding leave of absence laws, and we can help your company establish strategies for combating leave of absence abuse.

Leave of Absence Types

Those who operate businesses in California already know that in certain situations, employees are allowed legally protected leaves of absence from work. A variety of laws govern leaves of absence for reasons related to disability, pregnancy, family and medical leaves of absence, and workers’ compensation. Failure to properly handle leaves of absence can put a business at risk for a lawsuit because leaves of absence entitlements can create tricky legal questions that may include:

  • How long is the leave of absence?
  • Is the leave paid or unpaid?
  • Should multiple leaves of absence run concurrently or consecutively?
  • Will the job be held open until the employee returns?

According to the California Chamber of Commerce, California provides workers with more legally protected leaves of absence than any other state in the nation, so California businesses have more exposure to mistakes. Coast Employment Law can help; we are business owners too, so we share your concerns.

How Preventive Law Can Help

We promote dispute avoidance through preventive law. The correct policies and the right training will help reduce leave of absence mistakes and the lawsuits that those mistakes can generate. Southern California businesses rely on us for advice, management and supervisor training, and a full range of employment-related legal services. Should your business ever require representation in court, our employment law attorneys have years of trial experience.

Contact Coast Employment Law Today

If you are an employer, hiring manager, or HR officer in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, or San Diego counties, or anywhere in California, do not hesitate to contact Coast Employment Law today at 714-551-9930, or complete the contact form on this website for a free consultation.

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