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Can I Be Fired From My Job For Any Reason?

By Coast Employment Law |

Many California employers believe that they can fire an “at-will” employee for any reason. This belief is far from the truth.  California employers need to be aware that there exists a plethora of exceptions to the general rule regarding “at-will” employment. What is “at-will” employment?  The term “at-will” employment generally means that an employer… Read More »

How to Prevent Gender-Based Discrimination Lawsuits Based on Pay

By Coast Employment Law |

Employment litigation based on gender discrimination is likely to increase over the next few years, as the federal administration promises to increase its focus on the treatment of women in the workplace. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it will soon increase focus on eliminating gender and sex discrimination in the workplace. The… Read More »

How to Handle Discrimination Complaints in the Workplace

By Coast Employment Law |

Employers who receive complaints about workplace harassment or discrimination tend to panic. The litigation climate is volatile these days, and there are lawsuits being filed regularly alleging discrimination and harassment. Such litigation can be very expensive, not to mention bad PR for your business. Many of these complaints can be handled very well right… Read More »

What Factors are Necessary for a Successful Racial Discrimination Complaint?

By Coast Employment Law |

Race-based discrimination complaints are not frequent as they used to be, but the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission continues to file several of these complaints every year. Many employers have been able to understand and grasp the basics of diversity and inclusive workplaces, and now understand that small and innocuous action, may be interpreted as… Read More »

Dealing with HIV-Positive Employees

By Coast Employment Law |

Persons who live with HIV report living longer, healthier and more productive lives, than was the case in the past. However, they continue to face discrimination in the workplace. More than 1 billion people currently live with HIV in the United States, and workplace discrimination is definitely a problem for them. The Equal Employment… Read More »

How to Prevent Discrimination against Homosexuals in Your Workplace

By Coast Employment Law |

Public acceptance of homosexuals and lesbians has increased over the past few decades.  Employers who decide against hiring a person, or decide to have an employee fired solely because of sexual orientation, may find themselves facing expensive lawsuits. There are no federal laws that specifically ban discrimination against homosexuals, lesbians and transgender employees in… Read More »

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