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Avoiding Litigation during the Holidays

By Coast Employment Law |

With so many parties to throw, no employer can afford to ignore the very real litigation risks that these parties can throw up. There will be a number of company events that you will be expected to host over the next few weeks. These company affairs are very useful, because they help to boost… Read More »

New California Law Affords Protections to Abused Farm Workers

By Coast Employment Law |

Sexual harassment including sex crimes like rape is not unheard of in the farm industry. Now, California has a new law that lays more responsibility for prevention of such abuse on labor contractors who supply temporary farm workers to farming employers. These contractors will now have the responsibility to make sure the workers that… Read More »

What You Need to Know about Sexual Harassment Laws in California

By Coast Employment Law |

In California, employees are protected from unwanted physical, sexual and verbal conduct by fellow employees, colleagues, superiors and others in the workplace, under both federal as well as state laws. The federal law, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, protects employees against sexual harassment, while in California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act… Read More »

What to Do When You Receive a Complaint of Sexual Harassment

By Coast Employment Law |

A sexual harassment complaint can be very expensive for any employer. Not only are these lawsuits very expensive, but the loss of reputation and goodwill for the business can also be catastrophic. These lawsuits are typically heavily covered in the media, which means negative publicity for your business. In a diverse workplace, it isn’t… Read More »

Do you Know What Activities Constitute Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

By Coast Employment Law |

Many employers believe that sexual harassment has to involve coercing an employee physically, verbally or otherwise to have sexual relations with him or her. However, that is just one action that could lead to a legal action against your workplace. The majority of sexual harassment complaints that are filed in California, have to do… Read More »

Invest in Training to Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment

By Coast Employment Law |

Sexual harassment claims can be expensive for your business, and damage your reputation. These claims are usually covered extensively in the media, leading to bad publicity for your business. When it comes to sexual harassment, it is not nearly enough to outline the strict policies of your workplace in an employee handbook that is… Read More »

How to Prevent Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

By Coast Employment Law |

Modern workplaces are diverse, and employers have to implement preventive measures to reduce the risk of allegations of sexual harassment. Many employers just assume that employees will behave with common sense, tact, and diplomacy. But employees don’t always behave tactfully, and it is the employer who will have to pay the price in the… Read More »

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