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Employee Handbook Manual Rules Regulations Code of Worker Conduc

Employee Handbook Facts and Tips

By Coast Employment Law |

In general, an employee handbook sets forth a company’s policies and procedures as they pertain to the employer/employee relationship.  It should properly and adequately inform employees of the nature of their employment, company policies and procedures, notices, and employee benefits, rights, and expectations. Many employers have not reviewed their employee handbook and/or do not… Read More »

How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Expensive Employment Litigation

By Coast Employment Law |

For a small business owner, these are truly trying times. Not only is competition cutthroat, but a small business owner also needs to worry about human resources, and reducing the risks of litigation against the company. Employment litigation can be expensive, and for a small business owner, it can be crippling. If you are… Read More »

Evaluations Can Be a Defense in Your Employment Lawsuit

By Coast Employment Law |

Employers, who have been very stringent and thorough with conducting performance evaluations and have clearly documented the results of these performance evaluations, are much better equipped to defend an employment lawsuit. Performance evaluations are a very strong motivation tool for employers, and a great opportunity to encourage employees and commend them for their work…. Read More »

Employment Lawsuits Related to Wrongful Classification

By Coast Employment Law |

Misclassification of employees as exempt when they are not is one of the major factors in employment lawsuits against companies. Under the law, employers must adhere to certain laws related to wages, overtime pay as well as mealtimes. These rules apply to all employees, except certain groups of people. These groups of people are… Read More »

Meal and Rest Break Employment Lawsuits

By Coast Employment Law |

Employment lawsuits related to meal and rest break violations constitute a major proportion of all litigation against companies in California every year. In spite of this fact, Irvine employment lawyers find that many employers fail to completely educate themselves about the laws for meal and rest breaks in the state. Under California law, employees… Read More »

Avoiding Employment Lawsuits: Tips for Small Business Owners

By Coast Employment Law |

An employment lawsuit can be financially devastating for a small-business owner.  Therefore, it is imperative that smaller companies take steps to reduce their exposure to an employment lawsuit filed by a disgruntled employee. One of the major causes of litigation against small businesses is the fact that small-business owners are often bad at maintaining… Read More »

Risk of Employment Lawsuits Increases during Summer

By Coast Employment Law |

For every employer, summer seems to present an even higher risk of being embroiled in employment lawsuit. Here’s how you can lawsuit-proof your workplace over the sunny days ahead of us. For starters, this summer, you are probably likely to have interns at your workplace. Many interns begin their summer internship during this period… Read More »

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