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No More Gender Specific Toilets

By Jon McGrath |

Everyone likely knows the frustrations of having to wait for a vacant single-user restroom at a restaurant.  Often, a restroom of the opposite gender is unoccupied but you must wait until a matching gender facility becomes available.  You wonder if anyone will care or notice if you enter into the opposing gender restroom. The days… Read More »

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stamp notice of termination in red

Can I Be Fired From My Job For Any Reason?

By Jon McGrath |

Many California employers believe that they can fire an “at-will” employee for any reason. This belief is far from the truth.  California employers need to be aware that there exists a plethora of exceptions to the general rule regarding “at-will” employment. What is “at-will” employment?  The term “at-will” employment generally means that an employer… Read More »

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How to Eliminate Gender Bias While Hiring

By Coast Employment Law, APC |

You might consider yourself a fair-minded employer, and beyond the inherent biases that place female job applicants at a disadvantage compared to male applicants. However, very often, managers may not be able to completely prevent bias from creeping in. According to one study that was published in Harvard Business Review, bias can creep into… Read More »

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