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Training Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Employment Litigation

Santa Ana employment lawyersOne of the best and most effective ways of reducing the risk of an expensive employment-related lawsuit against your business is training employees. However, Santa Ana employment lawyers find that many businesses give a very perfunctory nod to training, and invest very little time, effort and resources in ensuring that employees are regularly trained on matters including discrimination, harassment, and other issues.

As a result, mistakes are made while dealing with employees, and the company faces a very expensive employment lawsuit. However, for training to be effective, it must be high- quality, consistent, and frequent. Courts do not look kindly on companies whose failure to train employees contributed to discrimination or harassment.

Employee training helps reduce the risk of an employment-related lawsuit against a company, and also helps protect your company against damages in the event of a lawsuit. Your failure as an employer to properly and regularly train your employees can increase damages awards against you.  Employers, who provide consistent and regular training to all levels of employees, may be able to convince the court that they acted in good faith to comply with the law.

How much training is sufficient? That is the million- dollar question. Many employers make the mistake of having a 30-minute training program for all employees once a year, and believe that they done their duty as far as employee training is concerned. Nothing is further from the truth. That-30-minute program conducted annually simply does not cut it. Employee training must be consistent, and must be high-quality. Santa Ana employment lawyers recommend training on a quarterly basis, or at least twice a year.

Training can be expensive to conduct for many companies that struggle with the costs of conducting regular training for all employees. Look into other cost-effective methods of delivering high-quality training modules for employees. These can include web-based trainings, or Web seminars that can deliver training in a very efficient manner. Such web seminars do not take a lot of time or money to set up, but can help update employees with the latest rules and regulations.

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