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How to Prevent Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Los Angeles employment law firmIt’s a fact. When a person is discriminated against or treated unfairly, he will never be able to reach the full extent of his potential for workplace success. In spite of the Civil Rights Act, and in spite of employers taking all measures possible to reduce racial friction in the workplace, Los Angeles employment law firms continue to meet with workers who want to file racial bias complaints.

To prevent race discrimination-related complaints in your workplace, set down anti-discrimination policies for all employees. The anti-discrimination policy should specifically address issues of racism. Make sure that all employees know the consequences of such discrimination in your workplace.

Ensure a diverse workplace. This is one of the easiest ways to increase acceptance, and foster greater tolerance. Hire employees of all races and ethnic groups, and be sure that candidates who are entering your workplace are aware of anti-racial discrimination and anti-racism policies in your workplace.

Avoid considerations based on race when you’re promoting employees. Race should never be a factor, when you are determining promotions, or increasing job responsibility.

Supervisors and managers must be trained to recognize and identify incidents of racial bias in the workplace. Establish an anti-discrimination panel that specifically focuses on reducing incidents of racism in the workplace.

Include all employees in decision- making and brainstorming processes.

Employees who are subjected to racial discrimination must also be encouraged to report these incidents without any fear of retaliation. Encourage an atmosphere like this in your workplace.

When you receive complaints of racism in the workplace, give it serious consideration, and do not simply brush these aside. All instances of racial discrimination or racism must be subjected to an investigation. If the investigation confirms that another employee has engaged in racist behavior, then disciplinary action must be taken. This will help assure the employee who was the target of the bias and also assure that employees in the organization know that you are serious about preventing discrimination in your workplace. If a worker makes a complaint of racial discrimination against your organization, speak with an attorney at a Los Angeles employment law firm.

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