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Frequent Use of Employee Satisfaction Surveys Helps Keep Your Finger on the Workforce Pulse

Huntington Beach employment lawyersAs an employer, it is impossible for you to ensure that every single employee in your organization is completely and thoroughly happy with the management every single moment of the day. You are dealing with individuals, and there are likely to be minor complaints and quibbles that every employee has with the organization. However, those quibbles can blow out of proportion, to the extent that they become the base for litigation against your company. For this reason, Huntington Beach employment lawyers advise that employers constantly monitor the workforce attitudes to the company, and keep their finger on the employee pulse.

That involves frequently evaluating employee satisfaction with the workplace. In fact, employee satisfaction surveys can help employers identify potential problems areas of dissatisfaction. Use an employee satisfaction survey sensibly, and don’t only focus only on those areas where employees are satisfied with your company. There may be complaints employees have, that you as an employer had absolutely no idea about. Ideally, your supervisors and managers should know about these complaints, and must bring them to you. However, don’t depend only on supervisors and managers. Conduct frequent employee satisfaction surveys, to understand what’s going on in the mind of your employees.

The surveys must be developed by Huntington Beach employment lawyers who understand how to obtain the kind of information that employers require or need. Make sure that the data garnered in the employee satisfaction survey is confidential, but also make clear to employees that the data will be used to make improvements in the workplace.

If you receive negative feedback about a particular aspect of the company, don’t use that as an excuse to retaliate against the employee. If the employee has brought attention to a complaint, he very likely does have a valid and legitimate reason for bringing that problem to your attention. Investigate the problem, and see what rectifications can be made, if necessary.

Frequent surveys of employees can help managers identify potential problem areas, and do damage control as quickly as possible, before these problems blow up.

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